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10 things I learned from EMERGENCY COUPLE

To be honest, I only started watching Emergency couple recently.. Well, yesterday to be exact and I just finished until episode 15 a few minutes ago. I am writing this now because I still have those FEELS and learning echoing on my head. Lol. WARNING: Lost post ahead.

1. You can only fully appreciate something or someone once it is lost. I believe that there are things and people in our life that we treasure the most. But there will come a time, when everything becomes too mundane that we tend to lose appreciation of it. In love, everything at first is exciting.. From meeting the person for the first time to getting to know each other and finally, committing one’s self into a relationship - every minute, hour and day is a happy time. You find yourself head over heels for that person, butterflies on your stomach, every text message and call is important and you would always want to be with that person every moment of your life. But after a few months or years, things start to get routinary to the point that they become too predictable. When this happen, people draw back from each other.. Thus, love burns out and people at this state usually ends up to separation. However, when you find yourself with that person again after a few months or years, everything comes back and you start all over again with the same feelings just like before. That’s when you realize what you have lost.

2. Love never dies; it just burns out a little. Most couples end their relationship because of the reasons such as they know each other so well already that it’s not as exciting as before anymore or because they have opposing personalities. I have once read a quote, although I can’t remember the exact words anymore, it tells about how getting to know a woman is like studying. In education, you do not stop in grade school, middle school, high school or college, you move forward to earn yourself a masteral degree or a doctorate degree (Ph.D). Just like in every relationship, even if you are married already you still have to find new things about your wife - it does not stop at marriage. It is true that love may burn out a little once in a while but that’s the challenge of it, how to keep the fire burning.

3. Fate also plays an important role. Learn to wait. There are those people who become too impatient for being single that they tend to rush in love only to be disappointed in the end. I tell you, base on my own experiences, love do come when you least expect it. We use this time of waiting to prepare ourselves because a person needs to be ready to be able to commit in any relationship. Love is something worth waiting for.

4. “Sometimes, it is better that people break up – so they can grow up. It takes two grown-ups to make a relationship work.” This is one of my favourite lines in a Filipino movie entitled, “One More Chance”.  The statement says it all. Just like in the story of Emergency Couple, both Jin Hee and Chang Min were young and immature when they got married. The separation time they had were for them to build themselves up (they both studied again and became interns in a hospital) and to be more mature.

5. Learn to admit mistakes. No matter how hard it is one must learn to admit his or her mistakes. This is how people grow and become more mature.

6. Do not dwell in the past. Learn to take chances and fall in love again. One thing about falling in love is that it leaves you with scars and painful memories when it ends. It’s easy to say, “I will forget him/her.” But let’s face it, it’s not something as easy as it seems. Everything becomes related to the other person – the things you have, the places you have been and the things that you did. The memories will always be there to hunt you down especially in the wee hours of the night. But then again, one should stop reminiscing at one point. We must only learn from this and move forward so that when another chance comes along, we would be ready.

7. Fight for the one you love but also respect their feelings and opinions. We always say, if you love that person then fight for him or her. But in fighting for that person, we also have to respect their feelings and opinion. Just like what Professor Shim said, just because we love someone it does not mean that they have to love us back. We can fight for them but we also have to respect their decision.

8. Marriage is a serious thing. Gwang Soo taught us a valuable lesson. Marriage does not have any practice time. Once you are married, everything starts - it is like a live show.

9. Love is sweeter the second time around. I just have to say this. I have not experienced this myself, but I think being with that person for the second time makes everything new and better – new beginnings, better understanding, better communication..

10. Love is a decision. Love is more than just about feelings. Feelings are fickle and they change as time pass by. In the end, it will be your choice to continue or end a relationship.. I am not going to ship any couple because I know that it will be Jin Hee’s decision if she’s willing to take another chance again with Chang Min or enter into a new relationship with Gook.

I want to end my post with a question from episode 14 which caught my attention, if you were on the same situation, who are you going to choose – someone with whom you are familiar with or someone who makes your heart flutter?

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