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zaisteindeed asked:

Chanwoo good point is that to viewers he newer seems to be awkward. Not making viewers cringe no matter what is necessary thing for an actor (I think acting is Chanwoo true talent :D)tbh Jinhyeong is better at singing and dancing than Chanwoo but Jinhyeong is still a bit nervous on stage. He naturally blends in team when he's not nervous (like in dance stage *_*) Hongseok is really talented in singing but it's just wrong group for him [Team B + Jinhyeong = iKON]

I respect your opinion. I also acknowledge Jinhyeong’s talent especially when he sang Marry Me. I was taken aback because it was my first time listening to him sing acapella. :D


Anonymous asked:

Maybe yg's new group will be named "who's next"... Ok that was not funny lol

Haha. You tried. :D

Anyway, I apologize for the late response, I rarely update my tumblr account these past weeks.

Mix & Match Ep. 6

I finished watching the latest episode of Mix and Match; and I have to admit, this episode was heartbreaking and mind blowing. For those who haven’t seen episode 6, I suggest that you prepare a box of tissue (just in case you are as emotional as me). 

I am not even sure how to start this post. I am full of happiness, excitement, anger and sadness at the same time. As I have said in my previous posts, I am an avid viewer of Mix & Match and WIN. I have seen these boys (OT6) persevere while going through the cruel show of WIN; only to lose in the end. And now, they are again faced with another series of hardships as they go through the process of Mix and Match.. Only this time, it is more intense and more emotional since they do not only have to fight for a position but they have to go face to face with the other original members - their own brother.

During the early episodes, I still had hope that all the original members would make it to the group, only adding one new member (which I hope would be Chanwoo). I kept thinking to myself that this is another great act YG had plot just to debut team b. But after seeing the results of the collaboration match, I started panicking thinking that IT IS POSSIBLE for one original member to be eliminated. Looking at how YG grouped the members, each confirmed member (BI, Bobby, Jinhwan) has one original member and one new member; elimination for one original and one new member is obvious. 

This assumption became more evident during the last part of episode 6. Junhoe, Yunhyeong and Jinhyeong battled it out to be safe from elimination. TWO ORIGINAL MEMBERS. I was scared for them. I could not help but feel pity. These two have great vocals and killer dancing skills. 

What about Hongseok? I’m sorry to say this (this is only my opinion) but I believe Hongseok does not belong to ikon. He’s got the voice but it would be better for him to debut as a solo (ballad) artist. Plus, comparing the dancing skills - Chanwoo and Jinhyeong are better. I think he was just lucky to be on BI’s team during the last match. As YG said, he doesn’t have that hip hop feel; and that is a BIG factor in deciding the members since ikon’s genre is hip hop. 

In the end, it all goes down to who will perform the best on the last match. I’ll be rooting for Chanwoo to be part of the group together with team b. But if things will not go as what I hope for, then I’ll just prepare my heart because seeing one of them fall apart breaks my heart. </3

What are your thoughts?

Just my two cents on the show “Mix and Match.”

The members were presented, the conditions discussed and the group’s name was revealed but the coming show gives me mixed feelings.

In the years that I have been a kpop enthusiast, this is the first time I am watching over a bunch of boys as they strive for their dreams. The WIN program made me love them both individually and as a group. They made me realize the hardship that each trainee has to face in order to become an idol. 

Honestly, it was hard for me before to accept their lost against winner (team a). But I do recognize winner’s talent and I knew that team b just wasn’t ready yet to debut. I believe in team b’s promise that they will comeback - as one group. I anticipated for their appearances (winner tv and smtm3) and waited patiently for the news about their debut date. However, things became uncertain for me and disappointments kicked in when I heard of the “Mix and Match” show. It got me a little excited to see all of them again but the fact that they have to be challenged and go through the same process annoyed me.

How can YG be so cruel? I know that he only wants the best for them, that he wants to create the best group with the most talented members. But to put team b in another survival show? I think they have proved themselves already, gained fans who are obviously very supportive and waits patiently for these boys to debut. I believed that the boys only needed to improve more on their vocals, their dancing skills are superb already and their teamwork is remarkable. How can you break such bond - their brotherhood?

Putting them on another show while adding 3 more members is obviously a shot to earn money (being the businessman that you are) because just like the WIN program, you think this will also gain a lot of attention and views. 

Only 7 members will debut, 3 of them were already confirmed - BI, Bobby and Jinhwan. I feel happy because they are my bias. Although, my heart goes out to Junhoe, Donghyuk and Yunhyeong. They trained to make themselves better, experienced being with the other YG artists and participated in your concerts. Then what? You’ll just inform them “I’m sorry, you lost in the show. Papa YG cannot include you in the group. You’re not going to debut.” Crush their dreams like that since you are the mighty trolling CEO.

Unless, you have plotted them to debut with only adding one new member. Now, that’s the epitome of being evil. Either way, you’ll get judged and criticized. 

But as a person who has no power in the music industry, I can only give my support, prayers and hope for their success. Again, I am just throwing my opinions and feelings. No need for hating. :)

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